Summer Citizens
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Contracts for School Year 2018/2019 


Female Shared Ph. 2: FULL

Female Shared Ph. 1: FULL

Female Private: FULL

Male Private: FULL

Male Shared Ph.1: FULL

Male Shared Ph.2: FULL

Please email or call to have your name placed on a waiting list.

(435-752-7501/[email protected])


Contracts for Summer 2018 are still available.




TIPS:  Try to complete application all at once to avoid problems

If you don't see spots you'd like for Summer please call or email us @ 435-752-7501

Pricing and payment options





Contracts for sale spring 2018



Old Farm                   (435) 752-7501      Shared spot M5

Jessica Stewart        (801) 388-7562      Phase 1 Shared (H4)



Logan Krebs          (435) 654-8690      Phase 1 Shared (F1)

Nate Reid              (435) 258-8567       Phase 2 Shared (N3)

Gray Burton          (801) 310-7563        Phase 1 Shared (A4)










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